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4 Editorial
6 Pest control with precision
10 New IPM checklist to light the path to better insect control
12 Something buggin’ you? It might be brown shield bugs
15 An update on new pre-emergent herbicide options
18 Classic Tractor Tales - “Are you the Lanz man Mate?”
22 Some northern cropping pioneers
26 Bearish USDA report exacerbates grain market rout
27 Canola to be driven by wider oils
28 Trade logistics to face headwinds from escalating Red Sea tensions
29 50-year relationship with Vietnam supporting ag trade
32 Ask an Expert - What are the economic benefits of diverse rotations?
34 Rice Breeding Aust and industry-transforming achievements
35 Nitrogen cycling and making better decisions for your farm
38 AI and a lighter touch to production in scholar’s sights
39 Antimicrobial benefits of mushrooms for crop protection
40 An ill wind
41 Weevil Weevil Rock You: Introducing our favourite weevils
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44 Grants of up to 50% on ag tech
44 New FAR ag trials officer
45 District Reports
49 Ask an Expert - What's the best PWM set-up for summer spraying?
51 May sown barley and response to fungicides
53 Winged bean research takes flight
54 GRDC infrastructure investments to build research capacity
57 Ask an Expert - What's the best PWM set-up for summer spraying?
59 Winged bean research takes flight
60 Genetic sleuthing reveals new weakness in herbicide armour
61 WAND is a world-first spray hazard warning system
63 New national chickpea breeding HQ open for research
64 GRDC infrastructure investments to enhance research capacity

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