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4 Editorial
6 Testing optical sprayer technology return on investment
10 Never miss an opportunity to tackle weeds
12 Study shows conditions required for cheaper soil carbon testing
14 The positive feedback loop of carbon sequestration
15 Polar ice reveals positive impact of human intervention
17 Classic Tractor Tales - The Milwaukee surprise
20 The search for synergists to 2,4-D
25 Another record grain export year
26 Dry season reduces Canadian crop output
27 Will Russia steal our grain trade with China?
27 Aussie wheat price falls but still at a high level
28 Winter crop down but prices the silver lining
31 Scientists ratchet up key amino acid in corn
32 Spicing up mosquito weaponry with mustard
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33 New routes for green fuels and chemicals
34 Coming soon to a filling station near you: Next Gen biofuels
36 Cultivation and grazing contribute to weed control: Rhys Daniels, Capella Qld
38 The Global Digital Farm: A testbed for future farming
40 Don’t sleep on the potential of lavender!
42 Pulse Australia merges into Grains Australia
42 Untapped potential for recycling plastics
44 District Reports
49 Windrowing barley plus HWSC in the high rainfall zone
50 Mills impact the weed seed bank
52 By-pass mode can extend impact mill life
53 Resistance testing knowledge is power
55 New chemistry approval for WA on-farm storage
56 New GIWA Chair announced
57 Can annual ryegrass be beaten in the northern region?
59 Can I take an integrated approach to fallow management?
61 Aussie soybean industry set to grow
62 A wild grain to diversify diets
63 Winter-planted sorghum and wild oats
64 Investing $36M in next gen technology to unlock soil potential

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