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6 The infamous spike protein and fighting disease in crops
10 Searching for the Samurai (wasp)
14 Breeding for crown rot tolerance: Can new technology help?
17 Sclerotinia stem rot discovery to improve resistance in canola
18 Farming in east Africa
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21 Classic Tractor Tales - The remarkable Jelbart tractor
25 Global wheat supplies tighten amid growing uncertainty...
27 Wheat basis: Back into the black
28 Going with the grain: Growing partnerships with Indonesia
29 Grains industry welcomes lifting of barley tariffs
32 Ask an Expert – What is the value of fixed nitrogen for suppressing weeds?
33 First instance of genetic mutation affecting Group 11 fungicides
34 Kansas wheat industry looks at hard white wheat
35 Generations of care in central Kansas
36 Bridging the pan-genome gap
37 Chemicals from maize roots influence wheat yield
38 Can AI help feed the planet?
39 Delivering ‘the good oil’
40 Two canola hybrids bringing new benchmarks to the market
41 A huge leap forward in harvesting efficiency with new X9 1000s
42 District Reports
49 New research set to deliver acid- tolerant chickpea varieties
50 Research unlocks new potential of oaten hay in dairy production
51 Timing is the key to effective snail management
53 Fox baits to make them ‘barf’
54 Grower insights bolster variable rate technology workshops
55 Aliens among us: Parasitoid wasps
57 Ask an Expert – How can i best tackle sterile oat in northern region wheat crops?
59 Scientists made a healthy crop healthier
60 Agronomy and technology ‘collide’ to boost rice yields
62 High growth potential for sesame
63 Farming systems research
63 Upstream of the dimmer switch

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