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4 Editorial
6 Harvest losses above acceptable thresholds
10 Resistant ryegrass challenges disc seeding systems
14 Power of crop rotation to combat herbicide resistance
15 Innovative project examining ways to boost soil organic matter
17 Tissue testing and low sulphur
18 Keeping corn from going back to the phosphorus buffet
19 Classic Tractors - The question?
22 Open sesame! A high value and emerging industry
23 The boy who cried urea
25 Open sesame! A high value and emerging industry
27 Latest USDA update startles global grain markets
29 Indian wheat imports appear inevitable…
30 A rocket under wheat
32 Top five disruptions to Australia’s agrifood supply chain
36 Improving how we classify DNA variations among cereals
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37 CSIRO invests $25 million to drive biotech innovation
39 Building Australia’s first movable hydrogen generator
40 Putting a dent in feral cat and fox numbers, one plan at a time
41 Planter breaking new ground for Australian farmers
42 District Reports
49 Wild radish – the third HPPD resistant weed in the world
50 Upstream of the dimmer switch
52 Ask an Expert - How can I make the most of spring planning sessions?
54 Data, technology and tackling the four Cs
56 Raising a toast to kernza
56 Complex export grain markets
57 Research to improve yield stability of “money” beans
59 Meeting the challenge of on-farm dam evaporation
61 RD&E program for integration of cropping and cattle in the north
63 Chickpea breeder glows in GRDC’s Seed of Light
64 Preserving wild rice gene pool
64 Disrupt weed cycles to drive profit

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