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4 Editorial
6 We can’t afford to lose older herbicides
8 Novel rust fungus and biocontrol of flaxleaf fleabane
14 Ask an Expert - How does nozzle choice contribute to herbicide resistance?
16 Expanded options for optical spot sprayers
18 Classic Tractor Tales - Yesterday
22 Vintage tractor highlights transformative change in farming
23 Timing matters when reducing fusarium head blight in barley
24 Bioluminescence may shine light on roundworm secrets
25 The new crop wheat story turns bullish…
27 Is the world short on wheat?
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28 Indonesia to allow GMO wheat – Should we follow?
30 $3.5M national project to examine ways to boost soil organic matter
32 Corn: Food, fuel and now… fibre?
33 Alternative Energy Series - Why battery storage?
37 Case study..
38 A ‘mini-rotation’ to turn the tables on resistance
40 AEGIC and Grains Australia form a closer union
41 Enhanced efficiency fertilisers to help maximise the bang for your nitrogen buck
42 Versatility and performance in one pass
42 Celebrating six decades in irrigation
43 CNH acquires Augmenta
43 CSU and Telstra road testing ag data platform
44 District Reports
49 Is native budworm targeting wheat crops?
51 Experts urge mouse vigilance on the back of record crops last year
53 Insecticide impact on beneficials
54 Hopes for a good season to come
55 Gender diversity can be farming’s powerhouse
56 Kangaroo Island agronomist to grow her leadership skills
57 A ‘testing year’ for cereal diseases
61 Giving farmers certainty to tackle a crop-eating pest
62 Insecticide impact on beneficials
63 A purrr-fect use for soybean waste?
64 Sorghum bran and gluten-free bread

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