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4 Editorial
6 Updated disease ratings to help manage looming stripe rust risk
8 Research to tackle oat rust
10 Strengthening sorghum against a worldwide fungal threat
12 Classic Tractor Tales - A robotic tractor with a difference!
16 Alternative Energy series
24 Research continuing to reinvent the wheat pre-breeding model
25 “I’ll win if I hold my wheat until July”… really?
28 Circle the wagons or prepare to sell?
29 Record Australia wheat exports absorbed by Asian demand
31 Ask an Expert - How can I strengthen the pulse phase to combat weeds?
33 Farming without glyphosate
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37 Stopping ryegrass in its tracks
38 No magic wand to stop spray drift – but this one helps
40 Helicoverpa: Still very much with us
42 Accolades for golden contributions to the grain industry
44 District Reports
49 Barley work at CCDM fights back at net blotch
50 HWSC has immediate impact on weed seed bank
53 Metabolic glyphosate resistant ryegrass – it’s all about expression
54 Supercharging the plant-based protein industry
55 Agronomist and training specialist each win grains industry awards
56 Access to new seeding and tillage brands
57 High stubble loads? It’s a burning question
59 Action needed on spray drift incidents
61 AI’s role in optimising pollination for better food production
62 Death of the Bradfield Scheme?

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