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4 Editorial
6 Salvaging waterlogged crops
8 An update on a very wet harvest for northern growers
14 Soil acidity – its stratification and amelioration with lime
18 Is ‘selling’ soil carbon worth it?
21 The power of compost: Making waste a climate champion
22 Classic Tractor Tales - The Bulldog Pups
25 Saudi Arabian barley demand to remain subdued...
27 New hybrids and high prices boost Brazilian wheat crop
29 Tapping into roots to develop sustainable wheat
30 New study to track complete picture of nitrogen losses
32 Ask an Expert - Can collecting weed seed make me money at harvest?
34 Breaking new ground studying uneven crop residue distribution
35 Australian grain growers tackle herbicide resistance
36 Harnessing light to fast-track a breeding bottleneck
37 World first Varroa mite pesticide under development in Australia
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38 New rice has dazzling colour and flavour for a very healthy reason
40 Growers adopt sustainable practices: Farm survey
41 Global food price volatility to remain acute
41 O’Connors expands into Echuca
42 New CEO appointed to Grains Australia
42 Agrifac launches new Condor Vanguard
43 District Reports…
49 New baiting regime effective for mouse management
50 Mouse tours arm growers with latest advice
52 Ascochyta blight finding to improve variety choices for lentil growers
53 New farming systems project for WA grain growers
54 Engineering biology: Feeding more people with less
55 Boost spring feed with strategic nitrogen
56 NVT notification service streamlines access to trial results
57 Smart sensing: Developments and opportunities for farming
60 Armed with validated results for better winter cropping decisions
61 WeedSmart Week returns
62 Engineering biology: Feeding more people with less
64 Smart N application makes cents for summer crops

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