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4 Editorial
6 Nitrogen for nothing and your protein for free
10 New ammonia breakthrough may revolutionise fertiliser production
12 How soil organic matter and carbon work!
20 Classic Tractor Tales - Interesting early crawlers
25 Pakistan’s flood crisis becomes a food nightmare
27 Why do we think basis will be weak?
30 Managing grain quality during storage
32 Timing of flowering and pod initiation in chickpeas
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35 Resistant weeds and competition
37 Ask an Expert - How can I gain more spray efficiency?
38 New fungus provides bio-control tool for fleabane
39 Field evaluation of crown rot seed fungicides
41 Filling the skills gap in ag
41 Here for Good
42 Smart phones for smart grain test
43 District Reports
49 Hyperyielding crops lifts canola yield above six tonnes
53 Novel in-season approach may help growers avoid frost damage
54 New research project to assess the economics of fallow
55 Velocity resistance flags the value of herbicide resistance testing
56 Wild radish seed targeted for destruction
57 Managing problem summer grass weeds with pre-emergents
60 Comparing grain and cotton
64 Strategies for long-term soil nutrient management

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