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4 Editorial
6 Game-changing spray for worldwide pest control
8 Using test strips to fine-tune fertiliser recommendations
14 Five years of nitrogen research: Have we got the system right?
19 Classic Tractor Tales - Traction
22 Can flood water go underground for future use?
24 High fibre diets in tune with less antibiotic resistance in gut bacteria
25 Wheat production under threat across the globe…
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27 It was the best of times: It was the most volatile of times
28 Russia-Ukraine war and the impact on our farm sector
30 Putting PA to Work - Perfect paddock protein through precision pathways
33 Talking digital…
35 New tool to help preserve beneficial insects on-farm
36 Researchers create artificial diet to raise beneficial beetle
37 Predictable farming equals dormant weed seeds
39 Partnership launches CoAXium System for barley in Australia
40 New insights into how wheat roots respond to salinity
41 Frost physiology knowledge grows
42 Winners on the Liverpool Plains
42 OTR Tyres acquires Titan Australia
43 Compatibility and options underpin technology development
44 District Reports
49 Trials weigh up benefits of long coleoptile wheat varieties
51 Oat growers embrace timely registration of key weed control
54 Tickle those weeds
56 Chaff residues put to the pest pressure test
57 Ask an Expert - Can faba bean crops out-compete sowthistle?
59 Mungbean makeover on the menu
61 Research makes strong case for early sown sorghum in the north
62 Sorghum mutants breed crop innovation for food security
63 Ask an Expert - Ryegrass is well adapted to a wide climatic range
64 An historic Cotton Conference

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