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4 Editorial
6 Aussie wheat and Black Sea war
10 Making nutrition decisions in high-cost environments
14 An informed approach to phosphorus management in 2022
18 Classic Tractor Tales - The importance of back-up!
24 Invest in the weak link crop to avoid weed blow-out
25 What goes up
26 High prices, high demand and war
28 NVT changes to yield results
29 The stink bug may soon need to confront its arch enemy
31 Managing what might bug you this season
35 Putting PA to Work - Lasers and robots zero-in on fight against weeds
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38 Talking digital
40 Partnership to deliver higher crop productivity and sustainability
41 Wider options for canola growers
42 New MOA herbicide now registered
43 Nitrogen stabiliser secures N in crops
43 Croplands marks 50 years
44 District Reports
49 Cereal disease update 2022
53 Earlier sown barley sets new yield bar above 10 tonnes
54 Hyper yielding canola
55 Trifluralin resistance mutation nearly lethal to ryegrass
57 Research into bluegreen aphid resistance to insecticides
59 New pre-breeding co-investment to tackle sorghum lodging
62 New research to explore potential of pongamia as renewable fuel
64 Renowned mouse expert wins GRDC Seed of Light Award

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