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4 Editorial
6 Soils ain’t soils – carbon farming offers fertile future
10 Measuring Keytah’s carbon footprint
14 Ask an expert - What's the benefit of a double paraquat knockdown?
16 Early flowering radish and HWSC
18 Overcoming a chemically limited future for ag pest control
22 Classic tractor tales - Different!
25 Set up for another big harvest
26 Forecast for lower world wheat stocks
27 $1000 canola and why?
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28 Savvy commercial partners sought for novel Australian oat products
29 New decision-making tool for yellow leaf spot disease
32 Seeding to soil type in WA
34 Future drones likely to resemble 300-million-year-old flying machine
35 Precision agriculture for the management of agripests
37 Investigating integrated weed management options
38 CSIRO finds sticky fingerprints reveal true origins of honey
39 New research protects Australia’s precious pollinators
40 Unique yeast strain converts biomass to bioethanol and food
42 Tomorrow’s spraying tech available today
42 CNH Industrial buys HB site
43 Trailed sprayers meet the needs of growers
43 WeedSmart Week, Aug 17–19
44 District Reports
49 Cereal disease update after a bumper season
52 Putting a value on paddock drainage
53 Kick the herbicide habit kerbside
55 Remove the fetters from crops and they’ll trample the weeds
57 Chickpeas and wet weather
58 Best practice key to Helicoverpa insecticide resistance strategy
60 ARS scientists sample the skies with a suction trap network
61 A shot heard around the world
64 Don’t sow wild oats
66 First cotton crop planted in Qld’s Lockyer Valley in 22 years
66 Northern Region one-day GRDC Grains Research Updates

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