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4 Editorial…
6 Tasmania tops the charts with spring sown barley
8 Research prompts increase to recommended mouse bait rates
9 Wheat rust developments – new stripe rust pathotypes
14 ASK AN EXPERT – What impact does dry seeding have on pre-emergent herbicide efficacy?
18 Classic Tractor Tales -The wrong job!
22 Perspectives on the feed and swine sectors of China
24 Space startup Quasar takes off with CSIRO tech
25 Modern-day “Suez Crisis” disrupting world trade…
28 Quantifying in-paddock variation of soil organic carbon and pH: And does it pay?
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33 Persistence and competition can bring nutgrass under control
34 FAW and insecticide sensitivity
35 Weaving technology with farm practice comes naturally
38 An industry with legs: Australia’s first edible insects roadmap
39 How science found liquid gold in the desert
41 Farm accidents never happen to you… until they do
42 Bringing fully-automatic precision VRA to Australia
43 Tipperary Rural Rugby Cup
43 Bring global insights home
44 District Reports…
49 Growers on disease alert this year
50 Mix up your approach to fenceline weed control
52 New company puts foot on the gas to reduce cows’ methane
53 Paddock zones could boost P returns
54 A shot heard around the world
55 China taking the mushroom approach with agricultural data…
56 Diving deep into moistureseeking wheats
56 New Pacific Seeds CSIRO partnership
57 A genetic solution to ensure sorghum stands firm
58 Long coleoptile wheat trials
59 Research questions the value of applied N in mungbeans
60 What did we learn about barley diseases last season?
62 Homing in on pigeonpea and weed control
64 Promising outlook for wheat growers

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