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4 Editorial
6 CSIRO develops ‘gene sandwich’ to enhance wheat rust resistance
7 Is annual ryegrass adapting to summer conditions?
8 Friendly fungus protects against wheat scab
9 Wheat blast researchers striving to gain upper hand
12 Secret of plant dietary fibre structure revealed
13 Classic Tractor Tales - Landini
17 Plants and biodegradable oils
18 New variety transitions quinoa from boutique to broadacre
19 Secret to on-off fertility discovered in pigeonpea
20 How can I be certain that herbicide residues have fully degraded at planting?
22 Growers urged to check expiry dates on stored chemical
23 Green on Green spraying – The revolution has arrived
25 Bullish phase for wheat prices
26 China’s affair with the global grains market continues...
27 Putting PA to Work - When soil is everything, it pays to invest
30 Hit your target when spraying
32 Spray safely to reduce drift risk
33 When it comes to mixing, 2,4–D can be a bit hard to get on with
35 Dual-purpose crops – direct and indirect contribution to profit
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39 How long do seeds live?
40 New era of AgTech: Bringing open source solutions to farmers
41 CSIRO maps 1.7 million grain paddocks from space
42 Grains Australia launches
42 The hidden cost of installing an aeration system
43 The advantage is with phosphate this season
43 Quality pays with foliar fertilisers
44 District Reports
49 Practical remedies to target challenges of deep ripped soils
53 Proactive approach needed as soil acidity issues spread
54 Metribuzin resistant ryegrass via metabolism
56 Seeking next-frontier soil amelioration solutions
57 What alternatives are there for desiccation and crop topping in pulses?
60 Stacking the odds against awnless barnyard grass
62 Strategies to manage feathertop Rhodes grass
63 Plan for nutrient removal impact when making hay cutting decisions
64 Four new APH wheat varieties for Qld/NSW growers

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