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4 Editorial
6 Will new Group G herbicides control broadleaf weeds?
8 A weed fighting revolution
13 More lambs, less weeds in a sheep containment system
16 Exciting time to be in agriculture
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20 Hands off the poison – our mice don’t need it
22 A cup of tea
25 Doing the La Niña tango
26 WASDE: Give us our daily bread
27 Are Australian farmers faring better than others under Covid?
28 Purple sweet corn – naturally nutritious!
30 Strategies for managing high moisture grain at harvest
31 Length of plant roots is controlled by hormones
32 Improving wheat establishment with deep sowing
35 New variety transitions quinoa from boutique to broadacre
36 Investing in Australian lavender
37 Juicing lucerne as a next-generation aquafeed
38 Insects as an alternative stockfeed
39 Hostile fungus found to protect against cereal diseases
40 ungus commits floral fraud to fool insects
41 Rice has many fathers but only two mothers
42 News & New Products
44 District Reports
49 Patchy crop performance could point to soil acidification
52 Hostile soils the target of major new research effort
53 Plan for nutrient removal impact when making hay cutting decisions
54 Stem nematode in oats
56 Combating heat stress in canola
57 Researchers investigating virus outbreak in faba beans
60 Critical period of moisture vulnerability in mungbeans
61 What threat does Fall armyworm pose and what control works?
62 Sorghum for human consumption
63 Using barley cultivar choice and herbicides for wild oat control

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