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6 Editorial
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8 ‘Golden goose’ of salt tolerant wheat varieties to begin field trials
10 Fall armyworm incursion: “Not the end of the world”
12 Getting the weed optics right: A case study
15 Is it safe to assume that poor weed control is due to herbicide resistance?
17 Soil test to optimise fertiliser expenditure this winter
18 The Nebraska Test
22 Putting PA to work
25 Study reveals minimal impact from CSG hydraulic fracturing
27 Markets spooked by bad weather
28 Adapting to a post-Covid-19 South East Asian grain market
29 Freedom of crop choice restored
30 Nigeria has given a new GM cowpea variety the go ahead
31 Subsidised agriculture around the world: The impact on Australia
33 Managing N fertiliser to profitably close yield gaps
36 Weed competitive abilities in Australian barley genotypes
38 A newly discovered bacterium could yield a new bioinsecticide
39 Microalgae food is good news for honey bees and farmers
41 Weather models revolutionising forecasting accuracy
44 News & New Products
46 District Reports
51 Southern Australia Focus
59 Northern Focus

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