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4 Editorial
6 ‘Rule breaking’ plants may be survivors in a changing climate
8 Understanding pre-emergents for better weed control results
15 Will the new pre-emergent herbicides help combat alphabet-resistant ryegrass?
18 Potential mouse threat this year
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19 Classic Tractor Tales - Contemplations
24 Wheat disease ‘boom and bust’ cycle discovered
25 Sorghum production forecast to be lowest in 50 years
27 Coronavirus and agriculture – how worried should we be?
29 Ratification of free trade agreement is a win for farmers
30 In search of (any) clethodim damage in canola
33 Group H (HPPD) resistant wild radish
35 Hot tips for compliant and effective spraying
38 Dual-purpose crops bring drought resilience to farming
40 Crop variety data released to inform 2020 sowing programs
41 Plants uncovered: Extreme serendipity in polyploidy
42 Novel approaches for better management of farming risk
43 Unlock the yield potential of your cereal crops
43 Low prices, zero interest and tax breaks: Go for it!
44 District Reports
49 Fungicide resistant net blotch hybrid discovered in WA
51 Harm’s contribution celebrated
52 Understand gaps to increase wheat crop yields
53 Canola and lentil establishment: What have we learnt?
56 Experienced agronomist joins Incitec Pivot
56 ‘Whole of farm’ approach recognised
57 Fall armyworm has arrived
62 Growers encouraged to consider post-drought disease risk
63 Planting early helps weather the drought
64 Seed of Light goes to ‘Macca’

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