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4 Editorial
6 What’s the sticking point? Better pre-em efficacy in stubble systems
10 Technology accelerates search for drought-tolerant chickpeas
12 What’s the best sheep flock structure and cropping balance?
16 Aussie seeds shoot for new markets
17 Lucerne gains new disease defence
18 Retardants with residual fire protection and nutrition benefits
21 Application and opportunities for retardants in Australia
22 Ecologists address a burning question
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23 Cool heads required after a fire goes through the farm
25 World grain outlook welcomes new year with very little fanfare
27 You need to understand these three factors when pricing grain
30 Now – and then!
33 Nutrient removal data helps growers plan the next crop
34 Using cereal crops to address iron and zinc deficiency across the globe
36 Biodegradable spray helps battle crop pathogens
37 2,4–D resistance does not affect the fitness of radish
39 Genetically engineered moth could herald new era of insect control
40 Russian wheat aphid in Australia: Building a crop risk profile
42 News & New Products
45 District Reports
49 Southern Australia Focus
57 Northern Focus

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