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6 Editorial
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8 ‘Plant factories’ needed to feed a growing world population
12 Debunking the myth about wheat breeding and allergies
13 Cover crops: Old ideas reborn for modern farming systems
18 Sprayable biodegradable polymer shows promise
20 Uzina Tractorul Brasov
23 Narrow crop rows, delayed black oats emergence and weed control
25 Keep mixing herbicides
27 Indonesia walking the import talk
28 Checking the global wheat balance sheet
30 Summing up the grain storage $s
31 Keeping Australian wheat number one for Asian noodles
33 Lime and liming – managing soil health
38 What's the latest in optical sprayer technology?
39 Thermal weed control – just hot air, or sitespecific reality?
41 How sensor technology is helping map soil in the paddock
42 Micronutrients needed throughout the growing season
44 News & New Products
45 District Reports
51 Southern Australia Focus
59 Northern Focus

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