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6 Editorial
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8 What mice want: Grains research unearthing new knowledge
10 Climate, grain composition and brewing efficiency
12 Barley variety honours historic brewery
14 Falling number grain quality test gets a tweak from researchers
16 International team finds new clues for improving wheat
17 Assumptions!
22 Practical approach delivers spray drift practice change
26 Focus on micronutrients for macro returns
33 Weather certificates: Affordable risk management for not so rainy days
34 First look at 2019–20 sees another record world wheat crop
35 Domestic grain production rebounds
36 Global pulse update
38 New ‘no rules’ trading environment unsettles Australian ag exports
39 Spray water quality is critical
40 Does chaff in a chaff line suppress weeds?
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44 District Reports
51 Southern Australia Focus
59 Northern Focus

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