2022 IGC Grains Conference, June 7 & 8

Recent history has demonstrated that disruptive events can pose significant challenges to global supply chains. As the world emerges from the turmoil created by conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the focus increasingly turns to climate change, building resilience to future shocks is at the top of the Conference agenda.

Among the hot topics to be debated on DAY 1 (June 7) are:

  • The future of carbon trading;
  • Logistics and business development;
  • Sustainability criteria and trade policy; and,
  • The future of the biofuels sector.

A special session will address potential business development and grains consumption patterns in Asia.

DAY 2 (June 8) will be dedicated to 6 commodity workshops on wheat, maize, rice, soybeans, rapeseed/canola and pulses.

Pre-recorded video presentations by the speakers will be made available before the live video panel discussions.

We are expecting over 400 delegates to register for the 2022 conference and we are looking forward to welcoming old and new friends to the event.

To register go to: https://www.igc.int/en/conference/confhome.aspx

As a sponsor your business will play an integral role before and during the conference. To discuss your sponsorship requirements, please contact Jacinta Scannell: igc@conferencecollective.co.uk

London Grains Week 2022: A key feature is the IGC Grains Conference.
London Grains Week is organised by AHDB, GAFTA, IGC and IGTC.


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