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SataCrop is a tool to mitigate the risk of spray drift by allowing operators to understand where sensitive crops are located in proximity to their spray operation.

The SataCrop tool is an industry initiative developed by Cotton Australia and Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT). 

SataCrop has the ability to map all crop types, including cotton, grains and tree crops. Growers can log in and plot the location of fields they have planted with different crops each season. Other farmers and spray contractors can review the site when planning spray applications to see the location of potentially sensitive neighbouring crops. This, coupled with vigilance around spray conditions, wind directions, and application helps to reduce adverse effects of spray drift.

New 2,4-D label restrictions

In October 2018, the APVMA suspended the labels of all products containing the active ingredient 2,4-D and replaced them with a permit.

This action was taken in response to widespread damage to sensitive crops over several years, including grapes, other horticultural crops, summer pulses and cotton.

The new instructions for use include:

  • A requirement not to spray in inversion conditions and additional information on recognising inversion conditions.
  • Downwind mandatory no-spray zones for both aquatic and terrestrial off-target vegetation (including sensitive crops, gardens, landscaping vegetation, protected native vegetation or protected animal habitat).
  • A requirement to use nozzles producing droplets no smaller than the very course spray quality category.
  • Mandatory record keeping requirements.
  • Advisory statements about spray application over summer.

Summer Weed Control Best Practice Guide

A Summer Weed Control Best Practice Guide is available for growers, employees, contractors and agronomists to provide guidelines for the safe and effective application of herbicides in summer. The guide provides advice on how to recognise a surface temperature inversion and provides recommendations to minimise risk of spray drift by avoiding spraying under inversion or still conditions. Additionally, the guide provides advice on monitoring weather conditions and proper record keeping processes.


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